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Journal Of Social Complexity
volume 3 number 2, 2008

Social Preferences and The Dynamics of Collective Action
(Angelo Antoci, Luca Zarri)

On Organizational Structural Complexity Assessments,
Case of study: Mining enterprise
(Song Hua-ling, Yu Hong, Li Jin-ke, Chen Da-wei & Hokky Situngkir)

The Advancement of Women’s Status At Work – A Complexity Perspective
(Wan-Jing April Chang)

Fractal Geometry On Batik
(Yun Hariadi)

Ethnic and Social Conflict in Indonesia
(Deni Khanafiah, Hokky Situngkir)

Is There a A Correct Mental Representation?
(Rendra Suroso)

Review: Conserving Diversity To Harness Complexity
(Hokky Situngkir)

Review: Society As Complex Adaptive System: New Insight From Subak
(Deni Khanafiah)

Penerbit: Bandung FE Institue
Dapatkan di
Harga: 35.000


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